"1776" - The Brute Force July #sandWOD – Brute Force Training


"1776" - The Brute Force July #sandWOD

Posted on 03 July 2017

FREEDOM: the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

The Brute Force Featured Workout for July is inspired by FREEDOM. The WOD, "1776" - is inspired by the year the United States celebrates as the official beginning of its nationhood and the beginning of freedom. (You are welcome for the history lesson.) Not a whole lot else to say other than...let freedom ring and the sweat pour.

So here we go...


Start with: 1 Mile Sandbag Carry. Walk or Run...Your call.


Finish with: 4 x 4 min AMRAP, 50 second rest between each AMRAP

- 1 Brute Force Burpee
- 7 Sandbag Swing Squats
- 7 Sandbag Shoulder to Shoulder
- 6 Sandbag Alt Reverse Lunges
* 80/50 Rx 60/30 scaled

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