10 Reasons To Add Sandbag Training Into Your Fitness Program Now

As we’re getting into the New Year you may be starting a new training program, or revamping an old one, and you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to maximise your training efforts and results. If you haven’t yet given sandbag training a try or you want to learn some more ways to utilize it then read on… Reason 1 It’s free weight training and we all need to include that in our training programs. Free weight training builds muscle, improves bone density, speeds up your metabolism and can greatly improve sports performance - plus a whole host of other benefits. Reason 2 You can integrate sandbag training into your fitness routine without having to attend a facility or with any other specialised equipment or environment. People use their Brute Force Sandbags in garages, spare bedrooms, basements, on fields, in the desert, on boats and everywhere in between. If you want an exercise option that you can do literally anywhere then sandbag training is for you. Reason 3 Sandbag training is an easily adjustable form of resistance training. It’s easy to add weight to your sandbag when you need to progress, and it’s easy to remove weight if you need to take your sandbag with you when you travel. There are very few other methods of free weight training that are that practical for long distance travel. Reason 4 The sand in your sandbag is affordable or, in some cases, free. When you need to add more weight it’ll cost you a few dollars, as opposed to hundreds of dollars for other options like weight plates and kettlebells. Reason 5 You can perform a whole range of exercises with a Brute Force Sandbag that simply aren’t possible with many other free weights. The sandbag lends itself perfectly to loaded runs, carries, drags and throws. Because it moulds itself to your body it also makes certain exercises more comfortable. Reason 6 Odd object training, and that includes sandbags, is fantastic for building strength that you can use in daily life. A gym program that is based around aesthetic improvements (looking better) is all well and good. But what if you have goals that include being able to lift, carry, drag and throw heavy objects with ease? And what if those objects, such as other people or furniture, don’t conform to the normal parameters of many commercial gym tools like dumbbells and barbells? Then you need to include sandbag training in your fitness program. Reason 7 The sandbag is a dynamic, constantly shifting load that can be used to replicate a human body, especially if you have one of our Heavy Hitter sandbags. If your sport or profession requires the ability to lift or control another person (e.g. firefighter, first responder or football player) then the sandbag is a great training tool for specific drills and exercises in a safe environment. Reason 8 All those exercises that you know you need to be doing (squats, deadliest, pushes and pulls) can all be done with your sandbag. If you don’t have access to a range of training tools then you can follow a whole-body training program with nothing but a Brute Force Sandbag. Reason 9 A strong grip is vital for sandbag training as you’ll need to fight hard to control each lift and handle the bag. If you’re looking to develop your grip strength then sandbag training can help - without the need to include a host of other additional exercises. Reason 10 What, 9 great reasons to try sandbag training aren’t enough for you? What are you waiting for?! As always, we’d love to hear your stories about how you’re using your Brute Force Sandbag - we’ve even been given some great ideas by our community that are now staples in our training programs. Just add your ideas to the comments below.

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