The Effectiveness of Sandbag Training

Sandbags are essentially strong, durable bags that, when filled with sand, become extremely useful training equipment. They are easy to carry, and more affordable than the amount of equipment required for an entire home gym. Many people enjoy using sandbags over barbells, dumbbells, or medicine balls for a number of reasons. There are many of very effective exercises that are most easily or comfortably executed when using a sandbag. The exercises include deadlifts, presses, pulls, cleans, carries and drags, and more. Unlike weight benches and barbells, the sandbags can be used virtually anywhere. Many people enjoy training at parks, in their backyards, or even in their living rooms. With fitness sandbags, this is possible, as they can be taken anywhere and are transported as easily as a bag. They can provide a lot more comfort when doing exercises that normally put a lot of pressure on concentrated parts of the body. Some examples include carried loads, squats, and weighted lunges. Strength training sandbags mold to the body, so they evenly distribute weight along the entire back or neck in these instances. Therefore, sandbag training can prove to be a much safer form of weight training than conventional lifting. In addition, since the bags are filled with sand, some sand can be taken out to make the weight lighter for certain exercises. Another reason that sandbag training so effective is that the sandbag’s center of mass is constantly shifting, which means that it’s harder to lift than barbells or medicine balls, and therefore helps develop core strength. This sort of full body training builds strength that can translate to many other types of activities. These activities are not limited to sports, either. The types of strength gain achieved from sandbag training can help in many everyday activities from lifting heavy object to gardening. Of course the training also helps one’s range of motion, which is beneficial for any sport imaginable. This is probably why so many professional athletes use sandbag training as a supplement to their already intense sports training routines. The bags can be used as additions to already existing exercise regimes. If you already have a training regime, you don’t need to change it completely. Simply implement the sandbags into your regular workout. This can be done in a number of ways. For example, sandbags can be added to the ends of barbells both to increase the weight and throw off the barbell’s center of gravity. This creates more of a full body workout instead of simple isolated muscle group training. Check out our selection of Brute Force Sandbags here:

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