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Two in One: Sandbags Used in Crossfit Training

Posted on 25 November 2014

Crossfit is taking the world by storm, becoming an über-popular way to build muscle, strength, and endurance at the same time. Its exercise regimes use just about every inexpensive piece of equipment there is. Free-weights, medicine balls, and foam rollers are things you’ll find in a Crossfit gym. One way to make Crossfit even more effective (and fun) is the to incorporate sandbag training. Sandbags are pretty inexpensive, and very good for a wide array of exercises. They can turn any ordinary Crossfit workout into an innovative and unique training experience that is sure to start producing visible results in no time. Strength training builds muscle, which helps burn fat, thereby decreasing body fat percentage and creating a better physic. It also makes you stronger, so it’s great to help you improve your performance in sports. Being stronger can also come in handy when performing general, everyday tasks like walking your dog, or lifting groceries into your car. Crossfit/sandbag training provides a great opportunity for strength training, as well as wonderful endurance building. The training programs typically include a lot of quick switches between reps and exercises. This gets your heart pumping and puts your heart rate at an optimal level for fat burning. It can also help improve your circulation since it causes blood to circulate around your body more efficiently. In addition to strength and endurance building, Crossfit regimes usually call for a lot of abdominal exercises. Sandbags already make your abs work really hard. The mobility of the sand in the sandbags forces you to constantly correct balance, which keeps your abdominal muscles activated through almost the entire workout. So, training with sandbags will actually make Crossfit training more effective in terms of ab strengthening and sculpting. Because of the way they’re made, sandbags challenge your whole body and work way more muscle groups at once than free-weights do. This makes your body work a lot harder and burn a lot of energy (calories) in the process. So, putting sandbag training and Crossfit (which ALSO burns a lot of energy) together just creates an even stronger fat burn. Sandbags are also really good for improving flexibility while strengthening muscles. Their shape makes them a little harder to lift and carry than regular weights. Having to use other muscle groups for the sandbag exercises encourages your body to increase some range of motion to accommodate the newly activated muscles. Sandbag training combined with Crossfit training is a fun, inexpensive, and effective way to burn fat while increasing muscle mass, agility, flexibility, and endurance.   Click on this link to shop for USA made strength training sandbags:

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