Brute Force Sandbag Training for Weight Loss

When you're working towards a fitness-related goal of weight loss, it's no secret that exercise is key, in addition to a healthy diet. When you exercise, you burn extra calories. Even afterwards, in a brief window of time post-workout, metabolism is boosted and even more calories are burned. But in order to turn your body into a fat-scorching machine, it's important to add muscle mass, as it's much more efficient at burning calories than fat mass. But if you've been stuck lifting those same old dumbbells and barbells, it may be time to up the ante. When it comes to achieving your weight loss goals and adding some variety to your workout routine, it's time give sandbag training a go. Because working with  a Brute Force Sandbag provides a constantly shifting surface, your body must be engaged at all times to maintain balance and properly execute movements. This is very different than what your body experiences in a normal gym setting and changing things up is key to constantly progressing. Perhaps you've tried kettlebell training before. The constant movement from one exercise to another and focusing on stability and proper form is important- sandbag training is no different in this sense. Let's say you start sandbag training by performing the normal compound exercises- squats, deadlifts, bench press. You can then use the exact same sandbag you were using prior (read: same weight) and grip it differently to add some extra oomph. Shifts in placement of the fitness sandbag can also create either a balanced or less-balanced platform to work with. This will in turn recruit more muscle engagement depending on how great the instability is. Tossing a sandbag into normal calisthenics, such as dips and chin ups, will require additional effort and therefore result in a better calorie burn. Mix in a variety of lifting exercises with cardio- all while using the training sandbag. This will keep your body guessing and your metabolism working extra hard. While you may associate sandbag training with military personnel or combat sports, you can't argue with the physiques of these individuals. Whether you simply supplement your current routine with sandbag training or incorporate it more frequently, this equipment is unparalleled. Try sandbag training out and not only will you be one step closer to your weight loss goal, you'll wonder why you didn't use this technique a long time ago! For the sandbags selected by the US Navy for their durability and functionality, shop at

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