Sandbag Training for MMA

Resistance training is a great way to train for MMA because it builds strength and endurance. You can take your resistance training to new heights with sandbags though. Sandbag training is technically a form of resistance training, but it’s very different from conventional, run-of-the-mill barbell and free-weight workouts. Sandbags are designed to incorporate many different muscle groups into one exercise. So per rep, sandbag training is at least twice as effective as regular strength training. Conventional resistance training involves exercises that isolate muscle groups. This is great for building showy muscles, but MMA training requires exercises that create the total body strength of a fighter. Since sandbags have a constantly center of mass, training with them keeps many muscle groups active at once. With balanced weights (barbells, dumb bells, etc.), your muscles learn to anticipate the movement of the reps, so the exercises quickly become less effective. With sandbags, on the other hand, a lot of muscle groups are active at one time. They’re constantly staying alert, awaiting the unpredictable shifts in the sandbag’s mass. When the sandbag’s weight shifts unexpectedly, your body is forced to quickly switch to using other muscle groups. This translates well into MMA fighting, as it trains your muscles to respond quickly to “extra” stimuli (like being kicked). Brute Force Sandbags are also effective in MMA training because they’re harder to lift than barbells and other free weights. You have to adjust yourself to each rep and figure out the best way to lift each rep as you reposition yourself. In terms of helping with MMA, this trains you to handle real loads (like opponents) instead of just weights. By making your muscles work in a new way, sandbag training also increases your range of motion, which in turn increases your flexibility. Obviously increased flexibility gives you a great advantage in MMA fighting, as it allows you to move faster and decreases your chances of injury. You can do so much more with a sandbag than with a regular free-weight. The malleability of the bag makes it great for carries, throws, and sprints with extra weight. Like almost all sandbag exercises, these require you to use your entire body. Working your entire body in one exercise is clearly very beneficial to any MMA fighter. Sandbags pretty much allow you to perform simulated MMA techniques when certain exercises are done. In short, training with sandbags is a more natural way of resistance training. The muscle movements involved in sandbag training are a lot closer to real MMA movements than resistance training movements. Find a strength training sandbag that is right for you at

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