Some Basic Fitness Movements Using a Brute Force Sandbag

The sandbag is a large and heavy tool that is used for workout trainings, though some may feel it to be inconvenient to handle effectively, unlike other workout tools which are easier to practice with. But in spite of its unwieldiness, the sandbag has always been proved as a highly useful and effective tool for bodybuilders and sportsmen. The strength training sandbag is particularly beneficial to all the sports people, whoever needs extra power, body strength and speed for using in their sports. Hence, the gym trainers normally arrange for two types of exercise regimes using the sandbags – one training only for the beginners and an advanced training session for the experienced people. The beginners usually start their fitness regimes with some basic exercises with the sandbags for about 20 – 30 minutes per session, which are also practiced at the advanced level.  It is generally advised to start a workout regime with a mild and simple warm-up exercise, like jogging or skipping for 5- 10 minutes. Then a beginner should choose a sandbag which he may feel comfortable enough to carry easily during the workout session.

  • Sandbag Clean – In this exercise, the sandbag is initially kept down on the floor and then held tightly in a firm grip, pull it upwards to the chest level of the user who is in standing posture; whereas the hip muscles experience an extension in that region, while carrying out this exercise. The sandbag is then lowered to the floor and the exercise is repeated thrice to complete a cycle.


  • Sandbag Overhead Press – Here the sandbag should be held at the chest level while standing, and then lifted above the head, while keeping the back rigidly straight and the abdominal muscles need to be pushed inside during the performance of this exercise. The shoulder muscles should be fully extended to lift the sandbag above the head and the elbows also should be straightened in the process. Then the sandbag has to be brought back to the chest level and the exercise is repeated.


  • Sandbag Back Squat – The sandbag needs to be placed across the shoulders while in standing position, next the body is lowered to a squatting posture, keeping the chest high, putting the whole body weight over the heels, while the feet are kept flat in the process. The body is then returned to its original position, by pushing up using the hips.


  • Sandbag Lunge – This is a bit difficult exercise which starts with putting the sandbag across the shoulders or over the head. Then one foot is stepped forward and the body is lowered by bending both the knees to a squatting position, while the body is kept straight. Next a step is taken backwards and the body is pushed upwards to standing posture again, to repeat the process by putting another foot forward.


  • Sandbag High Pull –In this case, the sandbag is kept on the ground and lifted forcefully to the chest level, with the powers drawing from the hips and the elbows are pushed high when bent. Then the sandbags are again lowered to the floor to repeat this process.
Different types of sandbags, mainly the Strongman and Athlete Sandbags are easily available now, in different colors, which are used to learn the basic and advanced exercises and thus further develop the muscles and body strength.  Check them out here:

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