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Sandbag Training and MMA

Posted on 21 October 2016


When we think of training for a specific sport, we often think of the best way to do so being practicing that sport over and over until we perfect it. While it’s important to know your sport and its specifics, there are other training avenues by which you can obtain improved performance. In the sport of MMA, you may picture focusing on perfecting kicks, hits, etc., but having overall strength is just as important in order to excel in this sport. This is where sandbag training comes in to play.

Sandbag training is used by a wide variety of athletes who train for a plethora of sports. The reason sandbag training is so widely-practiced is because of the benefits it offers. In MMA, specifically, sandbag training is one of the best ways to train because the constant shifting weight of the sandbag is quite similar to the shifting, constantly moving bodyweight of a person. Sandbags are awkward to lift and handle, which is the same situation when dealing with your opponent in MMA. You can work sandbags in to your current MMA routine to add an extra punch to your workout. You can improve upon strength, agility, speed and power to up your MMA game simply by adding sandbags into your workout. For example, add a sandbag to your sprints. Exercises such as power cleans, thrusters and squats are all total-body exercises that will translate to a better game in the MMA ring, especially if executed while using sandbag training.

Another huge perk of sandbag training, especially for MMA, is that it greatly improves your grip strength. Combat athletes need to fully train their grip strength to be sure they have the upper hand over their opponent(s). The reason sandbag training improves grip strength so much is because the sandbags require activation of different muscles than normal training exercises would, as gripping the sandbag is different than gripping anything else. Whether in MMA-specific training or in the MMA ring, upping your grip strength game will translate to better performance. No matter your level of experience in MMA, there’s no doubt that adding sandbag training to your routine will help improve your performance.

The constant shift of weight in the sandbags will help you prepare for real life MMA fighting. Try sandbag training today and see for yourself!



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