"TOUGH LOVE" - The February #sandWOD – Brute Force Training


"TOUGH LOVE" - The February #sandWOD

Posted on 01 February 2017

The Brute Force Featured Workout for February has roots all the way back to a killer event we were a part of in LA in 2016. This is a partnered workout, shared reps...and it is BRUTAL! The workout is called TOUGH LOVE and it will bring your LOVE/HATE relationship with sandbags to a new level. Special THANK YOU to Kris Marcelli of CrossFit Eminence in Denver, CO for the workout!



AMRAP in 20 Minutes with a Partner:

Workout Notes:

- Partition the reps as needed between athletes.

- Each Athlete will each complete 25ft of the 50ft movements

- Distance can be adjusted based on available space or you can go back and forth

- Recommended Sandbag Weights: Men's Rx 55# / Scaled 35# - Women's Rx 40# / Scaled 25#

Ready, Set...GO!

- 50 Sandbag Front Squats

- 50FT Sandbag Duck Walk

- 50 Sandbag Shoulder to Shoulder (L/R=1)

- 50FT Sandbag Bear Crawl

- 50 Sandbag Power Cleans

- 50FT Sandbag Walking Lunge (any style)

- 50 Sandbag Brute Force Burpees

- 50FT Sandbag Overhead Walk            



Front Squat: Athlete holds the sandbag across the front of their body resting on their shoulders. The athlete then squats with their hip crease below their knee and stands back up to full extension for 1 rep.

Duck Walk: Athlete Holds sandbag however off the ground and walks distance with hip crease below knee the entire duration.

Shoulder to Shoulder: Athlete brings sandbag to a shoulder and moves it to the opposite shoulder by pressing the sandbag over their head. When the sandbag returns to the original shoulder 1 rep is counted.

Bear Crawl: Athlete will be on hands and feet with the sandbag underneath their body. They will then move on their hands and feet while pulling the sandbag forward, alternating each arm that pulls the bag forward.

Power Cleans: Athlete will pull the bag from the ground and bring it to their shoulders for 1 rep to be counted.

Walking Lunge: Athlete will hold the bag however (front rack, back rack, overhead, one shoulder, etc) and begin a walking forward lunge. The athlete knee must touch the ground each step and must come to full extension between steps.

Brute Force Burpees: Athlete will start at the standing position and drop to the ground on top of their sandbag. They will then grab their sandbag and in one motion bring the sandbag from the ground to overhead with arms locked out. A jerk to bring the sandbag overhead is permitted.

Overhead Walk: Athlete will hold the sandbag locked out overhead with the sandbag resting ON TOP of their hands.

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