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Posted on 28 February 2017

The Brute Force Featured Workout for March is a twist on a classic workout from the beginning of the functional fitness movement “Fight Gone Bad”. This is a five round lung buster, as devastating as a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl without the hangover and potential bar stool tossing shenanigans that may follow. The workout is called “Sláinte" (Irish saying to good health) and in the spirit of March, hit this one hard before you toast with friends and family.


5 Rounds, Fight Gone Bad Style:

Workout Notes:

- 5 exercises performed for 1 Min. each.

- 1 Min. rest between rounds.

- Score = Total Reps for all 5 rounds.

- Recommended Sandbag Weights: Men's Rx 55# / Scaled 35# - Women's Rx 45# / Scaled 25#


- 1 Min Sandbag Thrusters

- 1 Min Sandbag Reverse Alt Lunges, Back

- 1 Min Alt Sandbag Get-ups, on the shoulder

- 1 Min Sandbag Push-ups + Drag

- 1 Min Sandbag Overhead Snatches



Sandbag Thruster: Athlete holds the sandbag across the front of their body resting on their shoulders. The athlete then squats with their hip crease below their knee and in one smooth complete motion extends hips and knees while pressing the bag over head for 1 rep.

Alt. Lunges (Back Hold): Athlete Holds sandbag on back.  Athlete then steps back with right leg allowing the right knee to slightly touch the ground and stands back up to an upright standing position. Then repeat with Left leg.

Alternating Shoulder Get Ups: Athlete starts lying down with sandbag over one shoulder.  Athlete then performs a Turkish get up:  Place right foot on floor, angled outward, close to right hip.  At the same time, reach across with left arm and grasp under thumb side of right hand.  Raise right shoulder off of floor by rolling onto left elbow.  Sit up while pushing off on floor with left arm until arm is straight.  Reposition right foot on floor while keeping knee completely bent.  Lift hip off of floor and pull left leg under body.  Position forefoot and knee on floor behind right foot and left hand.  Position torso upright.  Re-position legs in lunging position.  Stand up by extending legs and placing rear leg next to forward leg.


Step back with left leg and kneel down in reverse motion.  Windshield wiper rear lower leg inward to re-position forefoot on floor behind opposite hip.  Lean to left side and place left hand on floor.  Shift weight onto left arm.  Pull left leg forward between right leg and left arm.  Extend left leg outward onto floor while sitting on left hip, close to right foot, with right leg bent upward.  Extend right leg outward onto floor.  Gently lie down rolling onto back.  Switch Sandbag to left shoulder

Repeat with opposite side.

Sandbag push-up + drag: Athlete will be in push up position with sandbag outside of their shoulders.  Athletes will lower chest to the ground in a push up motion.  In between push-ups, the athlete will drag the sandbag moving laterally from side to side.

Sandbag Overhead Snatch: Athlete will hold the sandbag from the handles in a starting position with the sandbag positioned on his or her feet.  In one smooth movement athletes will perform a snatch movement resulting in the bag going from the ground to extended overhead in one motion.



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