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The Brute Ball Clean

Posted on 28 August 2017

Brute Ball Clean

Brute Ball To Shoulder Clean & Brute Ball Over Shoulder Clean

Set Up:
1) Stand slightly over the Brute Ball, feet parallel and at hip width, half the ball should be in front of your shins. Your butt will be in a lower position than a traditional barbell clean as you reach down to grab the ball.

2) Keeping your arms straight or bent and your lower back in its natural arch, bend your knees and lean forward.

3) Pushing your hips back and taking a slightly shoulder-width, forearm cupping grip on the ball lift your chest and look straight ahead, lowering your hips until you can maintain a strong grip on the Brute Ball.


The First Pull:
Keeping your grip locked, shift your weight onto your heels. Keeping the weight as close to your body as possible, simultaneously push your knees back, raise your chest, slowly and smoothly drive your hips forward, and lift the Brute Ball from the floor point just above your knees.


The Transition:
Keeping your gaze forward, your lower back in its natural arch, your arms locked in your grip and your shoulders directly over the Brute Ball, continue pulling upward until the Brute Ball is at the level of your mid-thigh. With your weight on your heels, prepare to aggressively push against the ground and extend the hips as if attempting to jump forcefully into the air. 

The Second Pull:
From the transition position, quickly and powerfully thrust your hips forward and upward, straighten your knees, and extend your ankles, as if trying to jump straight up off the floor (you may or may not actually get “air,” but you should try).

As you feel the Brute Ball gain upward momentum, fully shrug your shoulders as quickly as possible, keeping your forearms engaged with the Brute Ball.

As the Brute Ball starts to rise, raise the Brute Ball as high as you can to your desired shoulder keeping the Brute Ball close to your body, as if performing a passive version of an upright row exercise. At this point the Brute Ball to the shoulder/over the shoulder becomes different from a Power clean.


The Finish:
Maintain the momentum you have created from the second pull and launch the ball on to or over you desired shoulder. 


***Article Courtesy of Brute Force Coach, Kyle Schnitger and Photo Courtesy Brute Force Athlete, Amy Zucal and Brayshaw Creative


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