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Brute Force Barebones Sandbags

"The Heavy Hitter and Barebones bags are essential to my Strongman and Fight Training. The weight is always shifting forcing you to adapt and overcome, adding a whole new level to my training. Since there are no handles, you must have an animalistic grip to power through.”

- Scott Gardner, LEO, Strongman Athlete


Here's a Caveman Training Session with a squat strength focus by Train Aggressive.


A little MMA training with the Brute Force Barebones Sandbag with Coach Howie of 303 Training Center.

Barebones & Heavy Hitters

Just Grip It and Rip It

WARNING: Barebones Fitness Sandbags have ZERO handles.

Brute Force Barebones™ workout sandbags are simple, effective training tools for awesome strength and power. Built upon 5 powerful compound movement patterns – Lift, Carry, Squat, Press & Pull – It’s no wonder why these sandbags are a perennial best seller. Add in the increased grip strength you get as a result of training without handles and you are now.

The beauty of Barebones™ Sandbags is in the simplicity. You don't need 100 different exercises to get results. The Barebones™ Sandbags basics will get you 95% of the way there. Play with different weights, foot positions, load, unload and carry in order to create a variety of challenges. Let the unstable load of these exercise sandbags do their magic without any unnecessary movement.

Uncompromising Construction

Our Brute Force Barebones™ training sandbags are built with abuse in mind. All Brute Force sandbags are built with heavyweight, Military Spec 1000D Cordura; that means they can stand anything you throw at them! Push, Pull, Throw, Slam, Trek, and more! 1000D Cordura has a DWR coating to make each sand bag water resistant so you can clean them up for the next round.

We are 100% USA Made – not many can say the same. Each bag and filler is proudly handmade in Denver, Colorado and passes a three-stage quality control inspection prior to coming off the line.

Every Brute Force training sandbag component carries our BRUTE FORCE SHIELD WARRANTY. We stand behind our sandbags 100% so you can buy with confidence.

Don't like it, send it back. We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Barebones™ Strongman Kit: Up to 150LBS – 3 Large Fillers: 0-50 LBS Max

Barebones™ Spartan Kit: Up to 200LBS – 4 Large Fillers: 0-50 LBS Max

Barebones™ Heavy Hitter: – 1 X-Large Filler: 0-200 LBS Max

Barebones™ Heavy Hitter XXL: – 1 XX-Large Filler: 0-400 LBS Max

*The max weight of each filler bag is dependent on the density of the sand or filler used.

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