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Brute Force M.T.A.K.™

"In Law Enforcement and the Military, you don't have the right to be weak. Your training should be relevant and the gear you train with should be as important as the gear you operate with."

- Jarod G., SWAT Operator, Denver, CO


The Brute Force M.T.A.K.™ 1.0 is a two piece kit consisting of the original Brute Force Sandbag Training Kit and the new Brute Force Operator™ Weighted Vest. Brute Force has kitted these two pieces together because of their relevance and value as fitness training tools for Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel. This kit is being used in Recruit Training, Academies, Departments and is the center piece for SWAT Teams around the nation. This kit is also on deployment with SF around the globe. Each piece offers a variety of training and exercises that are directly relevant to the stresses that your body will face day in and day out while on deployment, or in the line of duty.


The Brute Force Mobile Tactical Athlete Kit M.T.A.K.™️. Because the gear you train with is just as important as the gear you go to work with. We’ve paired these pieces together because they are relevant training tools for Military, Law Enforcement and Fire personnel. Each piece offers a variety of relevant training movements and exercises that will train you directly for what your body will face on the job, on deployment or in the line of duty.

We are 100% USA Made – not many can say the same. Each sandbag kit, weighted training vest and each filler insert is proudly handmade in Denver, Colorado and passes a three-stage quality control inspection prior to coming off the line. We are proud of what we do and our history speaks to our quality. We have outfitted hundreds of Law Enforcement and Fire Departments around the country and work with every branch of the US Military. Our gear and our training is Relevant, Tested and Approved.

Every Brute Force Training component carries our BRUTE FORCE SHIELD WARRANTY. We stand behind our gear 100%, so you can buy with confidence.

Don't like it, send it back. We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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