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Brute Force Training Programs

We have some exciting new changes coming to our training plans. We are in the final stages and will have an entire new experience waiting for you. Look for the training plans to be back up and running soon.

All Training Plans are delivered via the UR BRUTE FORCE mobile app. You must download the UR BRUTE FORCE mobile app to access your training plan.


The Brute Force Training programs are hosted on the UR BRUTE FORCE mobile app. These programs and workouts feature Brute Force ULOO™ Unstable Load and Odd Object Training methodologies developed here at Brute Force. They are written and tested by our industry leading coaching staff. Upon purchasing, the training plan will be sent to your UR BRUTE FORCE mobile account and you will be invited to the training plans private Facebook group where you can ask questions, post scores, get feedback and connect with our coaches and other athletes.

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