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Brute Force LEO

"Sandbag training and using them during simulations is a perfect way to amp the trainee up and then force them into a situation where they must make a decision at peak levels of exhaustion."

- Michigan Tactical Officer’s Association (MTOA)

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Brute Force Gear in the Line of Duty

Why Sandbag Training for Law Enforcement?

All Law Enforcement Personnel are required to be functional in their occupation. The expectation is to perform at their best under all conditions, especially during high stress, intense, and treacherous environments and situations. Your tactical athletes can dramatically improve performance, functionality and overall health by incorporating unstable/uneven load training to their fitness programming. Quite simply, it's a truly functional form of training that is highly adaptive to any fitness level. By utilizing the unstable load that’s provided by a sandbag, you’re forced to engage more muscle recruitment with the shifting of the sand during any lifting movement.

“Functional” training has gained tremendous momentum, over the past decade, earning its very own fitness programming category, and continues to top the American College of Sports Medicine’s coveted annual top ten leading fitness trends in the world. It also continues to be a key focus for the Tactical Strength and Conditioning industry and is a becoming a mainstream component to fitness regimens in the Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Services.

Enter *unstable load training; the ability to unconventionally move/lift an odd object, unstable, or uneven load efficiently and effectively.

Sandbags are also valuable training tools due to the varied load capacities and sizes of the bags. In the real world of Law Enforcement, you often find yourself going from stationary positions to very explosive behaviors (sitting in a car one second, to a foot pursuit and wrestling match with a suspect the next). Sandbags are great for all range of motion training scenarios you may find yourself in, and not only can they be used to improve your strength, but also your anaerobic capacity as well. For anyone who’s found themselves in the situation, you know this; If you can’t breathe, you can’t fight.

Unstable Load Training with odd objects such as sandbags when it comes to range training offers a whole new challenge. Using the sandbag to elevate your heart rate through a variety of movement patterns, including drags, tosses and carries, and then making accurate shot placement far better simulates the physiological responses of a real gun fight. Especially when compared with standing on the XX yard line and firing 2 rounds at center mass in XX seconds.

End result, you should train for what you will face. You should do your best to replicate the real environment. You should train with relevance and with purpose. You should TRAIN ACCORDINGLY.

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