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"Brute Force Sand bags are legit! I've used other lower quality sandbags and always ended up having them bust open, spilling sand all over the gym floor. That's never been an issue with these bad boys."

- Jason Ferrugia, Elite Strength Coach

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Brute Force Sandbags

All Weight Is NOT Created Equal

Training with sandbags is easy to learn, challenges the whole body, and is the most versatile and functional fitness tool since rocks for cavemen.
Some call sandbag training unconventional, we call it real. Fact is, life is not lived in perfect posture with total balance and stability. The problem is traditional functional training methods fail to prepare you for these challenges. From getting in and out of your car to training for triathlons or fighting fires, sandbag and unstable load fitness training has you covered.
Sandbag training is all about unstable loads - the sand inside the Brute Force Sandbag filler shifts and moves while you do giving you a much more dynamic and challenging training experience. The shifting load of your sandbag forces you to engage your body’s stabilizer muscles, building coordinated strength and balance throughout your body. The lab geeks call this Neuro-Muscular Coordination. It’s a good thing, and you definitely want it.


Uncompromising Construction

Our Brute Force training sandbags have eight handles designed to give you one tool for all your functional training needs. All Brute Force training sandbags are built with heavyweight, Military Spec 1000D Cordura; that means they can take just about anything you throw at them! Push, Pull, Throw, Slam, Trek, our sandbags will stand the test of time. And when you are finished, the 1000D Cordura has a DWR coating to make each sand bag water resistant so you can clean them up for the next round.
We are 100% USA Made...not many can say the same. Each bag and filler is proudly handmade in Denver, Colorado and passes a three stage quality control inspection prior to coming off the line.
Every Brute Force training sandbag component carries our BRUTE FORCE SHIELD WARRANTY. We stand behind our sandbags 100% so you can buy with confidence.
Don't like it, send it back. We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Mini Kit: Up to 25 LBS – Comes With 1 Small Filler: 0-25LBS Max
Athlete Kit: Up to 75 LBS – Comes With 1 Large Filler: 0-50LBS Max, 1 Small Filler: 0-25 LBS Max
Strongman Kit: Up to 150LBS – 3 Large Fillers: 0-50 LBS Max
*The max weight of each filler bag is dependent on the density of the sand or filler used.


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