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Tactical Athletes

Tactical Athletes

With a focus on serving the US Military and First Responders, Brute Force Tactical™ has successfully bridged the gap between preparedness and functional training elevating Human Performance for those who serve.

- BRUTE FORCE TACTICAL™ A Division of Brute Force Training™

Brute Force Tactical Fitness Gear In The Field & On The Job


Sandbag training and stress shooting with CJ Strength & Conditioning.


A Station WOD with 555 Fitness and New Brunswick FD.

We Are Proud To Serve Those Who Serve Us.

At Brute Force we recognize the need for Military, Police, Fire & EMS personnel to train like athletes.

We believe tactical athletes need to be at their best because their actions and reactions can cost lives.

A tactical athlete is a person with the physical ability, stamina and strength to function at a high level on a moment’s notice. Similar to athletes who participate in regular sports, tactical athletes must be strong, fast and agile—but also have the endurance to do this repeatedly when the call sounds.

To perform successfully in the line of duty, a tactical athlete must focus on training and movements daily that directly translate to the demands of their jobs. Unstable Load Training with sandbags is the answer. Unlike traditional sports, your battlefield doesn't have a clock or an end game. If you tire, you could put your life, or another life in danger.

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