PKB™ Heavy | 0-45lb/21kg (Black/Blue) – Brute Force Training


  • PKB™ Heavy | 0-45lb/21kg (Black/Blue)
  • PKB™ Heavy | 0-45lb/21kg (Black/Blue)
  • PKB™ Heavy | 0-45lb/21kg (Black/Blue)
  • PKB™ Heavy | 0-45lb/21kg (Black/Blue)
  • PKB™ Heavy | 0-45lb/21kg (Black/Blue)

PKB™ Heavy | 0-45lb/21kg (Black/Blue)

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*Truth in Advertising Disclaimer*: these SKU's are not produced in the USA. We recently acquired the PKB™ brand and all of its assets, including this small amount of stock.   Moving forward, we are producing all products sold on URBRUTEFORCE.COM domestically, in Colorado.  Purchasing this product allows us to invest even more into USA made products and manufacturing in the future.  Thank you for understanding and if you have any questions please reach out to us at

This Portable Kettlebell is produced with 1000D Mil-Spec cordura in the Heavy size!

In one of the original color offerings of the PKB, get yours while supplies last! Limited quantities.  


    • 0-45lb/21kg capacity (dry sand)
    • Anodized aluminum handle
    • Dust-proof liner 
    • 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura in Olive Drab
    • More rugged design for tougher outdoor workouts
    • Webbing reinforced: 1,800lb+ tensile strength

    Kettlebell Sandbag Specifications

    Weight: Loadable from 0 to up to 45lbs Max Capacity.

    Materials: Outer Shell constructed with heavy duty, 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura and an inner filler made of tear proof Ballistic Nylon.

    Available Colors: Black with Blue webbing (0-45lb)

    Features: Double Wall Protection, HDPE Stiffener Spill-Proof Seal, Anodized Aluminum Handle, and a patented design made to last.

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    We recommend this gear for the following:

    - Intermediate to Advanced level sandbag training for functional strength development and conditioning

    - *TOP GEAR for Tactical Fitness - Military, LEO and Fire strength and fitness programs, recruit training and academies

    - CrossFit Boxes for Odd Object Training

    - High School, Collegiate and Professional Athletes and Teams

    - Gyms and Health Clubs for both indoor and outdoor group fitness classes

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