***PRE-ORDER DESERT COYOTE*** 2-Pack 45lb Kettlebell Combo Kit (Shippi – Brute Force Training


  • ***PRE-ORDER DESERT COYOTE*** 2-Pack 45lb Kettlebell Combo Kit (Shipping Starts 5/17)

***PRE-ORDER DESERT COYOTE*** 2-Pack 45lb Kettlebell Combo Kit (Shipping Starts 5/17)

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Kettlebell Color
Desert Coyote
Kettlebell 2nd Color
Desert Coyote


PRE-ORDER for our 5/17-5/24 weekly production of Desert Coyote Kettlebell Combo Kits. This Pre-Order will be open for 3 days, at which time all Kits will be put into production. First come-first serve, first ordered-first shipped. These will start shipping as early as 5/17 via FREE Priority delivery.  


Take your sandbag training to the next level with the Kettlebell Sandbag Combo. Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbags are fantastic for developing power, conditioning, as well as creating tremendous crushing (isometric) strength. Swing, Lift, Carry, Push, & Pull your way to incredible gains!


Weight: 1 Size, Loadable up to 45lbs Max Capacity.

Materials: Outer Shell constructed with heavy duty, 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura and an inner filler made of tear proof Ballistic Nylon.

Available Colors: Desert Coyote

Features: Double Wall Protection, HDPE Stiffener Spill-Proof Seal, Anti-Microbial Contoured Rubber Handle, and a Brute Force design made to last.

Notes: Backed by the Brute Force Shield Warranty

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We recommend this gear for the following:

- Intermediate to Advanced level sandbag training for functional strength development and conditioning

- *TOP GEAR for Tactical Fitness - Military, LEO and Fire strength and fitness programs, recruit training and academies

- CrossFit Boxes for Odd Object Training

- High School, Collegiate and Professional Athletes and Teams

- Gyms and Health Clubs for both indoor and outdoor group fitness classes

Brute Force Training Sandbags are the most superior sandbags on the market and have been chosen by the following for their sandbag training programs:

- We proudly outfit every branch of the US Military including a full-service contract to the US Navy: As the premier provider for sandbag training kits to the US Navy, Brute Force delivers Athlete and Strongman kits to ships and bases around the world.

- Law Enforcement and Fire Departments and Academies around the country including FDNY, LA County Fire, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

- Elite level CrossFit Athletes and Boxes.

- Obstacle Course Racers, Teams and Events around the world.

- Strongman Athletes including World Record deadlift holder, Patrick Holloway.

- Top MMA fighter training facilities including Grudge Training Center and the TapOut Training Center in Las Vegas.

- Division I Collegiate Athletic Programs such as Michigan St. University, University of Connecticut and St. John’s University.

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