***PRE-ORDER DESERT COYOTE *** M.T.A.K.™️ Mobile Tactical Athlete Kit – Brute Force Training


  • ***PRE-ORDER DESERT COYOTE *** M.T.A.K.™️ Mobile Tactical Athlete Kit (Shipping Starts 5/17)

***PRE-ORDER DESERT COYOTE *** M.T.A.K.™️ Mobile Tactical Athlete Kit (Shipping Starts 5/17)

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PRE-ORDER for our 5/17-5/24 weekly production of Desert Coyote M.T.A.K Kits. This Pre-Order will be open for 3 days, at which time all Kits will be put into production. First come-first serve, first ordered-first shipped. These will start shipping as early as 5/17 via FREE Priority delivery.  


The Brute Force Mobile Tactical Athlete Kit M.T.A.K.™️

Because the gear you train with is just as important as the gear you go to work with.

We’ve paired these pieces together because they are relevant training tools for Military, Law Enforcement and Fire personnel. Each piece offers a variety of relevant training movements and exercises that will train you directly for what your body will face on the job, on deployment or in the line of duty.

This Kit Includes:

The Brute Force MTAK™️ includes a  Brute Force Operator™ Weighted Training Vest and your choice of Strongman (50-125 lbs) or Athlete sandbag kit (25-75 lbs).  Fitness is invaluable as a tactical athlete, the MTAK allows you to train any aspect of your physical preparedness, anywhere.

The operator vest 2.0 employs a minimalistic design that offers optimal breathability and less restriction during your movements. Unlike comparable weight vests or flak jackets in the industry, the Brute Force Operator™ Weighted Vest has a unique, 12 pocket design allowing you to scale and distribute your weight left to right and front to back and can be filled with sand and/or steelshot based on your ideal weight capacity. This unique filling system allows the vest to conform and contour to your body and hold tight keeping the vest in place as you do your thing.

----Athlete---- Sandbag Weight: 25-75 lbs. (34 kg)

Maximum Dimensions: 30" x 13" based on stretched shell

Available Colors: Desert Coyote

---Strongman--- Sandbag Weight: 50-125 lbs. (57 kg) 

Maximum Dimensions: 36" x 26" based on stretched shell

Available Colors: Desert Coyote

Materials: 1000D Military-Spec Cordura, Military Grade Velcro, 5 Panel Seatbelt Webbing and YKK Zippers

Handles: 4 sets of flexible, soft grip handles (8 total) Neutral Grips, Barbell Grips, Suitcase Grips, End Cap Grips

Filler Bags: 

Athlete - (1) Double Velcro 50lb. bag and (1) 30lb. filler bag included with athlete.

Strongman -  (3) Double Velcro 50lb. filler bags included in kit (Yes, we know it adds up to 150lbs, but you will only fill these to a partial capacity).

Notes: Backed by the Brute Force Shield Warranty

Shipping & Returns

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We recommend this gear for the following:

- Intermediate to Advanced level sandbag training for functional strength development and conditioning

- *TOP GEAR for Tactical Fitness - Military, LEO and Fire strength and fitness programs, recruit training and academies

Brute Force Training Sandbags are the most superior sandbags on the market and have been chosen by the following for their sandbag training programs:

- We proudly outfit every branch of the US Military including a full-service contract to the US Navy: As the premier provider for sandbag training kits to the US Navy, Brute Force delivers Athlete and Strongman kits to ships and bases around the world.

- Law Enforcement and Fire Departments and Academies around the country including FDNY, LA County Fire, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

- Elite level CrossFit Athletes and Boxes.

- Obstacle Course Racers, Teams and Events around the world.

- Strongman Athletes including World Record deadlift holder, Patrick Holloway.

- Top MMA fighter training facilities including Grudge Training Center and the TapOut Training Center in Las Vegas.

- Division I Collegiate Athletic Programs such as Michigan St. University, University of Connecticut and St. John’s University.

Each Brute Force Athlete Sandbag training kit comes with one sandbag shell and two filler bags. (Note: Bags are shipped empty to save you on shipping!)

  1. You buy the sand you need. You can find 50lbs of sand for around $4 a bag at most hardware stores. (You can also use any free sand from the beach or wherever you are located. Just make sure that it is clean and free of anything that could puncture your filler bags.) *Note Some folks have also used pea gravel, rubber mulch, steel shot and rice to fill their bags. Your call, but remember that the density of the filler used will affect the max weight of the bag.
  2. Open the double Velcro filler bags and fill them with the desired amount of sand. DO NOT FILL PAST THE RED LINE. MAKE SURE TO CLEAN SAND FROM VELCRO TO ALLOW FOR PROPER SEAL.
  3. Place the filled filler bag(s) long ways inside the sandbag shell.
  4. Zip the sandbag shell shut, and tuck the zipper underneath the zipper tab.
  5. Download the App - Start Training! #TRAINWITHSAND

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